Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year's Party at the Steegers

Rachel and Maylea

Brant Broker drumin' it up!

Josh's boss, Dennis, and his wife Teri had a get-together at their house for New Years. We showed up over an hour late after Kim, Debbie, and I couldn't seem to stop shopping and then totally getting lost going somewhere we've been several times, (thanks, Josh!) We had lots of fun playing rock band, eating yummy, organic turkey queso, and playing football in the backyard. The kids had fun staring at Mason's large lizard and chasing Rachel's cats.

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was absolutely crazy and busy, but so much fun. It almost brought me to tears to see Caleb start to "get" what Christmas is really about...Jesus! He asked to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus like a thousand times! Maylea still has no clue but she was so much fun this year, tearing open presents and wearing bows on her head. Our Christmas morning service at church was awesome and so special. I am so blessed to have an amazing family and I love them so much!

Our Christmas Eve Slippers

Christmas Morning Service at Grace

Christmas at Nana & Grampy's house

The kids and I went down to visit my parents for Christmas. We love when we get to go down to the hill country to visit! My mom made Maylea the cutest tutu!!

Congrats Uncle Kyle!

My brother, Kyle, graduated from Texas State University with an engineering degree. We are so proud of him!! His niece and nephew were excited to see him and their Aunt Justine. Justine is currently Caleb's best friend. So cute!
Caleb was more interested in the storm drain than anything else!

After the ceremony we went to eat and then to Kyle and Justine's apartment in San Marcos and had our quick family Christmas before the parents headed off to the mountains to go skiing.