Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maylea, Queen of the 4th!!

Birthday Queen

She loves her brother

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Maylea Elizabeth!!

Family 4th of July party

Fun at PBC

Today after Meet the Teacher at CLC, our kid's mother's day out program, we went to play at Prestonwood's indoor playground. Here are some pictures of Caleb, Caleb, Ryan, Lilli, Maylea, and Lola. Oh so cute!

Six Flags 08

Jordan and the Cirque Dancers/mimes

Tired Boys!!

Caleb riding with Aunt Kimmie and Grandawg

Goofy girl

Our Family-minus Uncle Jordan

Maylea and her beauty of a chin!

This summer our family went to Six Flags with Josh's parent's and siblings. This was Caleb and Maylea's first time to Six Flags and my first time in 10+ years. We had so much fun! I was amazed at all the things they had for little ones to do. Even Maylea rode on a few rides. Caleb's favorite ride at Six Flags was the mini mine train. He also liked the family train and the airplanes. Maylea enjoyed hangin' in the stroller, slurping on lemonade, and sweating like crazy! At the end of the night we stayed to watch Cirque in their new show. We were so tired but it was worth the wait! Pictures to come...

Playin' at the Drakes

For my birthday my husband and friends were so sweet to have a little get together for me. We cooked burgers at the Drake's house and the kids played. I love and cherish the friendship we have with the Rogers and the Drakes. I don't know what I'd do without them. God knew the perfect time to place them in my life. Caleb Cole, Caleb Thomas, and Ryan are 3 peas in a pod and Maylea, Hannah, and Kenzie will be as soon as they all realize each other is actually there! Maylea is beginning to notice her little friends and it is so fun to watch them begin to bond. Here are some pics of our fun times together which I'm sure will follow up with many more! Love you girls!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, I finally did it...sort of.

I’ve been talking about setting up at blog for our family for who knows how long. The truth is we are a little preoccupied right now! Here in the Hargrove household lives an almost 3, incredibly busy little boy that melts me with his smile every time I and privileged to witness it. He’s got his daddy’s “rebel without a cause” attitude built in and is constantly finding new ways to “destroy and conquer.” Then there is Maylea, my little, cuddly love bug who walks like she’s had one too many to drink. She’s our 13 month old little diva, drama queen with an eagerness to do everything her brother does. She has no problem whatsoever voicing her opinion LOUD and clear when she feels she is not getting the treatment she deserves! Her scream is so high-pitched that her nicknames have ranged from pterodactyl baby to our sweet little squealing piglet since she was a couple months old. I have a hard time finding any TIME to do things like keep up with a blog.

My wonderful husband, Josh, decided that he would set up our first official family blog for me so here I go!! We will see how often things get updated. If you check in and you see it’s been a while, just imagine Caleb trying to stack a chair on top of the toilet and with the intention of climbing on top to reach into a way too high cabinet. Then picture Maylea, standing underneath the wobbly chair, squealing at Caleb to let him know how upset she is that no one is boosting her up so that she can explore with him. Then remember I’ll get to the blog once my beautiful yet curious and determined children are no longer onto the next adventure but are finally passed out during a short-lived yet SO needed nap. Really I am super excited to finally begin the blog of our fun and unpredictable family of 4 (so far,) and hope that when I do have a quick moment that I’ll be able to log the memories of the fun times the Lord has given us. I thank him every night for a life that is not even close to boring and the job of “Mommy,” which I absolutely love, that always keeps me on my toes.

Good night :)