Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Potty Playroom

For some weird reason the bathroom has become the popular hang out in our house lately. Caleb and Maylea decided to take control over the large cabinet under the sink. They cleaned it out and use it to play in. It has been a house, fort, school, and a hide out for these two goofballs. They bring toys into it and play inside together with the drawer above them open to "let the sun in." We've also had "crazy hair fun" and "muscle men mania" in the bathroom lately. Don't you love what kids and their creative imaginations come up with?! I love watching them play together these days especially when it involves cheap entertainment!

Five Amazing Years!

I have been so blessed to be married to Joshua for 5 years on January 17th. For our anniversary we went and ate at Maggiano's and then stayed the night at Embassy Suite's in Frisco (thanks, Jason for hooking us up!) It was just so nice to have a night that was stress-free. We had no agenda besides going to dinner and no children to chase around (thanks to Mimi & Grandawg for doing that part for us!!) We got to hang out in the hot tub and indulge on a way too expensive pint of chocolate ice cream from the hotel coffee shop. The best part is that Josh has been writing me letters over the past year. Some are long and detailed and some are quick little notes about how I did something he liked or how special I am to him. He put them all in a photo album and gave that to me as our anniversary present. This was the best and sweetest present I've ever received and I will cherish is forever.
The next morning we went down stairs and enjoyed a complimentary full, hot breakfast. I can't tell you how great it is to eat wonderful food like omelets and homemade french toast and not have to cook it, clean up after, or drive to get there! It is funny the things you savor when you are the mom! Thank you Josh for being the most amazing husband in the world. You are more than I could have ever dreamed I would be blessed with. I am your biggest fan and look forward to celebrating each and every anniversary we have together.