Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Little Diva

Yesterday Maylea decided she would dress herself. She continued to bring me different articles of clothing and asked me to put them on her. I did and this is what we came up with. (Note: Caleb also changes clothes frequently and he picked out the clothes he is wearing in the "sick day" post. I promise I have a little more fashion sense than that!)

Sick Day

Last night Caleb came down with the croup, yuck!! So after a sleepless night of hot, steam showers, we were tired but Caleb woke up feeling better. We hung out at home all day which can be challenging for 2 toddlers so we did our best to make the day fun. Mimi and Grandawg came over and brought Cane's chicken (Thanks guys!) The kids always love to see their grandparents so this was a special treat. Then after naptime we decided to have a picnic in the living room for dinner. Caleb and Maylea pretended to drink out of our plastic wine glasses and we indulged in fine dining: Mac N Cheese, PB&J, and apples. The picnic blanket soon became the hide & go seek blanket. Caleb and Maylea are so fun to watch as they play together. Maylea wants to do everything Caleb does and Caleb wants Maylea to do everything he tells her to do. She is pretty independent so many times playing doesn't go without a brawl but at least there is always action, right?

Full Bellies.

Caleb and his "bad guy" face :)

Hide & Go Seek

Easter 2009

This year Easter was so much fun. Maylea is now old enough to hunt eggs with little assistance and she loved every second of it. Caleb is now a pro and decided that this year he was going for quality instead of quantity. As he hunted he would carefully open each egg to make sure that it wasn't something he needed to eat right then. We kept having to encourage him to get his eggs and then open them! We had a Easter playgroup at Ryan Rocket and Kenzie's house which is always so much fun. On Friday my mom came into town to spend time with us and celebrate Easter with the kids. Then on Sunday we did church, naps, and then off to Josh's great Aunt Linda's house for the annual Hargrove Easter family reunion. The kids had so much fun playing their cousins and meeting their new baby cousin, Mia.
Though the festivities are always so much fun, we never want to lose sight of why we are even celebrating. As we pig out at the potluck and our kids sneak their 20th piece of candy of the day, Jesus is like, "Hey, remember I died on the cross to pay for your sin and then rose from the grave so that you too could spend eternity in Heaven? I AM ALIVE!!!" Praise the Lord for he is risen! I am so truely greatful. It brought so much joy to my heart when Maylea's Sunday School teacher told me that she said her bible verse and then to hear her shouting in the hallway, "Jesus alive!" I thank the Lord every time I listened to our sweet Caleb recite the story of Jesus dying on the cross and raising from the grave out of his toddler bible. Thank you Lord that they are getting it. I pray that as parents we are a godly example to our children and that our family never loses sight of the real reason we celebrate this special holiday.
Easter Playgroup

Our attempt to get a picture of the kids in their Sunday Easter outfits (right after nap:) Real Easter pictures to come!!

Caleb and his Grandawg

Papa, Grandawg, Daddy, and Caleb (4 generations of Hargrove Boys)

Caleb searching for the real "goodies!"