Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tarzan & Son

A couple weeks ago, when Caleb was quarantined for having the croup, Josh decided to take him outside to play for a while while Maylea was taking her nap. I was inside doing laundry when I heard Josh and Caleb yelling, "Mooommmmy, come look!" Usually when both of them are yelling out at me it is because they are doing something amusing, so I grabbed my camera and went outside. That is when I found Daddy Tarzan and his son up in the tree. Caleb was enjoying so much that it took a while to convince him to finally come down. I love watching my sweet baby is growing into a curious, adventurous, little boy that he is becoming. I don't look forward to the day I hear, "moooommmmmy!" and see Caleb in the top of a taller, more flimsy tree by himself. I guess I have to accept the fact that those days will be here sooner than I know it.

Easter Photo Shoot

Our friend, Jesse, is starting his own photography biz and asked us if he could take pictures of our family for his portfolio. So with the help of jelly belly bribes from me, Jesse was able to get some pretty cute ones of the kids. Enjoy!

Go to Sit a Spell!

My friend, Heather, has started writing something called Flashback Fridays. She blogs about something funny or memorable that has happened in the past. With four boys in the house she's got many of these to pull from! Yesterdays was really funny and if you have a boy you've taken through potty training you can appreciate the story. It might be a preview to what is coming soon to your home! Here is Heather's blog so go see!
Sit a Spell:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Thankful...

Today was Caleb's Mothers Day Tea. Caleb was so excited he could hardly contain himself all morning. He had made me paper plate flowers in a vase and a place mat with his hand prints on it. During the tea the kids showed us all the things they do during a normal morning routine, quoted all 12 bible verses of the month, and then performed Psalm 193. I am so thankful for godly teachers at CLC. God has so blessed us! Thank you to Ms. Buffy, Ms. Julie, and Ms. Diana for all they've done this year to partner with Josh and I in training up Caleb in the fear of the Lord.

Here is our attempt to get Ryan and Caleb's picture together. Somehow it often turns into a wrestling match when one is told to hug the other.