Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Future Picasso

Sweet Maylea loves to paint...She was having so much fun painting everything but the paper that I just couldn't stop her. I just love how our little girl seems to not have a care in the world. She has no fear of getting dirty and she "goes all in" with everything she does...fits included! I cherish these times as she grows up so fast. We are so blessed to have our precious little girl in our lives!

Maylea's Mother's Day Tea

Here are the pictures from Maylea's class tea. The kids made the hats for all the moms. We had a great time!
Maylea & Mommy

Kamryn & Her mommy, Katherine

Kansas & her mommy, Tasha (Tasha told me that Kansas has two baby dolls and she named them baby Kamryn and baby cute)

Maylea & her friend, Cade Martin

This is one of Maylea's teachers, Ms. Vida. Maylea already misses her and asks for her all the time!

The joy of natural process!

Warning, some of you moms might be totally grossed out by this so I'm warning you now. Before you watch this video please know I was not home and Josh did wash hands after all was done! :) Maylea is a little too close for comfort for and you'll see!