Saturday, December 6, 2008

We love our Nana!

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family in the hill country. This is a picture of my mom, "Nana", with Caleb and Maylea in front of my Aunt Becky's home. We love our Nana soooo much!

Random, cute pictures of the kids!

The Glory of Pain!

I find it so funny how guys take pride in their injuries, especially if they come during an act of "toughness." My wonderful husband is among most men who feel this way. He thinks scars add character! :) Late one evening last month he showed up at home looking like this. Come to find out he did try to call me as he was waiting to see the doctor but couldn't get a hold of me. So here is how Josh's exciting new "character builder" occurred: He was playing football with a group of guys from our church. They were playing around after the game was over and Johnny had the ball. Josh started to tackle him while he began to throw the ball when Johnny's skinny elbow came back and hit Josh's face. The End. Here's the funny part to me. Being all boys, they continued to play until Johnny noticed Josh was bleeding pretty bad and the cut was deep. So then all the guys left to go to other engagements and Josh drove himself to the hospital, bloody eye and all, checked himself into the ER, and had stitches put in! If this would have happened to a group of girls, the entire group would have canceled whatever else they had going on and would have carpooled to the hospital together for the moral support. I guess going alone adds to the manliness of the whole situation.