Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer fun!

I've gotten behind on my blogging so here is a short recap of our summer so far...
Dinosaur Dig with Nana, Play Group Portraits, Jenna and Julian's wedding, lots of swimming, fun with art and wikki stick (love them! Every kids should have these to get their imagination going,) fishing and time with cousins, and pizza making! Well that is some of what's been going on with the Hargrove kids so far this summer...its been fun!
Dinosaur Dig

Our Playgroup Pics

Dancing at Julian and Jenna's wedding


Fishing with Cousins

Pizza Making at Double Daves


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Kelly! It was awfully nice meeting you and the kids! Could I ask a huge favor? Would you mind emailing the three pictures of "us" that you have on here? My email is: (So I can put them in my scrapbook--ha!) Thanks!!!

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

Kelly! Hey, I found your blog through FB. Your kids are adorable; you have a beautiful family. Hope you are doing well. We are in the Dallas area too, in Denton actually. Not sure how close we are to you, but maybe we'll run onto each other one of these days. I'd love to catch up!
-Lindsay (Busch) Norsworthy

MISTY and CO... said...

Adroable!!! I am kinda glad summer is coming to a close. COME ON FALL WEATHER!!

We miss you guys!