Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Back...I think!

So it has officially been an entire year since I've last blogged! As I come back with my new camera and a ton of memories that aren't yet blogged, I am hesitant to begin again...not really sure why...I think because blogging can get a little addictive for me so it's seems to be an "all or nothing" trend in my life. I get SUPER overwhelmed when thinking about how behind I am and how much has happened over the last year that I've left out so I will just start at present day. This way I might actually stick to it! Here's a list of some highlights of the last year:

Josh got a new job. (August 09)
We joined a new church and love it! (August 09)
Chris Taylor, our friend from CO, became our "short-term" roommate...we made him stay for 8 months :) (August 09)

We were blessed to be able to buy our first house and moved to sort-of rural Wylie (very rural compared to Addison, where we came from.) (December 09)

We found out we are expecting our 3rd baby (February 10)
We got to start a small group in our home where we share in bible study, fellowship, and prayer every other Thursday night. (February 10?)
The kids and I got Josh a puppy, Judah, for his birthday. (May 10)

Kimmie and Johnny got married, yea! (June 10)

We found out our 3rd baby is a girl. Pictured is our family enjoy our strawberry/blueberry donut tradition. (June 10)

Vacation to the mountains in CO and to visit the Taylor family (Yes, we finally let Chris move out and go back to his wife and 5 children.) (June 10)

Pictured: Sarah Taylor with Caleb
Youth camp!! (June 10)
Maylea turned 3!! (So I'll back track a little b/c I can't not blog my baby's birthday!) (July 10)

So I guess that was the last year in a very quick recap. It feels good to be back.


Rogers Family said...

Love you are back in the blogging world!!